Hot Photos : Lady Gaga Poses As Jo Calderone

In June, The Huffington Post ever showed a picture of a man named Jo Calderone, he is a new male model picked up by SHOWstudio in Sicily. He was just a mechanic from Palermo, Sicily. Nevertheless, many sites even write that Jo Calderone is the alter ego of Lady Gaga or Lady Gaga in disguise.

Well, some time ago, Lady Gaga's own stylists, Nicola Formichetti, posting two photos of Jo Calderone who posed for Vogue Hommes Japan accompanied by a short interview with him. KEY=48e58953

Please take a look at the Jo Calderone's photos below carefully, and please compare it with Lady Gaga's photo.

Hot Photos : Lady Gaga Poses As Jo Calderone

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