Profile Olla Ramlan : Biography

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Real Name : Febiolla Ramlan
Popular Name : Olla Ramlan
Birth Date : February 15, 1980
Birth Place : Banjarmasin
Religion : Islam
Parents : Muhammad Ramlan and Pissa Assarah
Occupations : Actress, models

Profile Olla Ramlan
Febiolla Ramlan better known as Olla Ramlan, is a beautiful actress born in Banjarmasin, February 15, 1980. She began her career in the entertainment world after becoming a finalist of Cover Girl Mode 1997. After that she began starring in various advertisements. The daughter of Muhammad Ramlan and Pissa Assarah start her acting career in soap operas SHAKILA.

olla ramlan
Profile Olla Ramlan : Biography

On 17 May 2003, she married her lover, Alex Tian. Alex is a Dutch man, who became the video clip model "Matamu", Titi DJ. After marriage, Olla chose to concentrate on taking care of her son, Sean Michael Alexander.

After five years of vacuum, Olla Ramlan back into the world of entertainment. She starred in the film titled Perempuan and Cinta Indah. But after returning to the world of entertainment, Ramlan Olla's marriage reportedly cracked since early October 2010. Many rumors are circulating mention that the main cause is due to Olla too busy, and there is a third person (Pasha Ungu) in their marriage.

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