Foto Rahma Azhari - McMenemy | Philippines Coach Hot Pose

Foto Rahma Azhari - Simon McMenemy | Philippines Coach Hot Photos With Rahma Azhari
Simon McMenemy and Rahma Azhari Hot Photos, the picture of Philippine coach and Ayu Azhari's young sister is now widely circulated in cyberspace. Intimate photo that show Rahma Azhari with the coach of  Philippine national team, Simon McMenemy, now become a warm conversation on social networking sites.

Rahma Azhari and McMenemy Hot Photos was in a twitter account of @RaAzhari around eight hours ago, Monday, December 20, 2010. In the picture, Rahma Azhari using a light blue dress with a matching outfit worn by McMenemy.

Philippine national team coach who was wearing a dark blue shirt was seen clutching Rahma's hips from the left side. Meanwhile, Rahma flanked by a bald-headed man holding a glass.

Meanwhile, Rahma Azhari still could not be contacted. Only in the timeline on twitter account @ RaAzhari around three hours ago, Rahman said McMenemy just friends.

"He's just a friend .. What a lovely person .. Glad to Actually meth uterus! Had a great time!"

Rahma Azhari seems did not want to talk a lot. She just answered and explained about this in his personal twitter account @ RaAzhari, where the photo was first uploaded by Rahma.

"LADIES just use your brain and charm, u'll get anyone u Want! B POSITIVE, cos the negative energy, will from def. make u ugly inside n out! * simple!"

Although many people are scathing comment about the photographs, the artist section, admits that she did not care about these comments.

"Hadeuuuuhh on su'udzon aja .. Shirk unable to sign or not sign Agony behavior you effin haters .. .. Signing off now, hv fun all!" she wrote on Twitter.

Foto Rahma Azhari - Simon McMenemy | Hot Photo

Rahma - McMenemy Hot Photo

Rahma - McMenemy Hot Photo

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