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Real Name : Fenita Jayanti
Popular Name : Fenita Arie
Birth Date : August 31, 1986
Husband : Arie Untung
Children : Misbareta Fathir Gavin Daffa and Misbareta Aisyah Mikhaila

Fenita Arie Profiles
Fenita Jayanti oa Fenita Arie known as a model, presenter, and movie stars. Beautiful actress was born August 31, 1986 began her career as an actress when she played in the film 12:00 AM. As hosts, Fenita Arie guiding several tv shows such as Espresso, the reality show Celebrity Jam on ANTV, and Insert! Trans TV.

Fenita Arie married to former MTV VJ who is also known as an actor and tv show host Gong Show, Arie Untung on February 5, 2005. From this marriage, they had two children Misbareta Fathir Daffa Gavin (born 10 November 2005) and Ayesha Misbareta Mikhaila (born March 5, 2008).

Fenita Arie Hot Photo - Picture Gallery
Profile Fenita Arie - Biodata & Foto

Profile Fenita Arie - Biodata & Foto

Profile Fenita Arie - Biodata & Foto

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