Rahma Azhari Topless - Naked Photos

Rahma Azhari Topless - Naked Photos
Rahma Azhari once again make a scene. After some time ago, an intimate photo of Rahma Azhari - Simon McMenemy, coach of the Philippine national football team, circulating on the internet, this time Rahma Azhari's exciting photo with a foreign man become a "hot topic" of discussion in the Blackberry Messenger (BBM) group network.

But this time Rahma Azhari hot photos certainly more vivid than her hot photo with McMenemy. Because in the photo, Rahma seen bathing with a foreign man without wearing clothes a.k.a topless, and they're kissing.

Rahma Azhari Topless Photo With Foreign Man - Hot Photos

Meanwhile, Rahma Azhari not dismiss her exciting photos with foreign men. Rahma admitted that the women in hot photos which circulated on internet is herself. However, Rahma denied that the man in the photograph is the Indonesian national team assistant coach, Wolfgang Pikal.

Ayu Azhari sister is actually admitting that he is a former fiance. This recognition is expressed through her Twitter account.

"HOAX!!! itu foto mantan tunangan saya, foto udah basi kok dibilang wolfgang pical? NGARANG!!!"

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