Video Ashton Kutcher Sex Tape Release Soon?

Video Ashton Kutcher's Sex Tape Release Soon?
Ashton Kutcher gossip affair with a woman named Brittney Jones had not yet subsided. Reportedly, the husband of Demi Moore has a "sex tape" with the woman. Really?

When the news of Ashton Kutcher affair with another woman started to emerge, Demi Moore tried to not give a damn. Indeed this Hollywood actress instead renew the promise of her marriage to Kutcher. However, it has proved unable to curb the issue of the husband's infidelity.

Reportedly, Ashton Kutcher sex tape with another woman will be released soon. Although the actor was trying desperately to stop the discussion about the video, but instead the Vivid Entertainment intends to release the video.

Video Ashton Kutcher Sex Tape Release Soon?

In a magazine, Brittney Jones claimed she was having an affair with Ashton Kutcher. She met with Kutcher as he was playing bowling with his wife and stepdaughter, Rumer Willis.

They had exchanged phone numbers and then make a pact to meet. Then, from there according to Jones, they held a meeting that occurred at home Kutcher and Moore. This woman said she made love with Ashton Kutcher.

However, about Ashton Kutcher's sex video, Jones admitted to not intend to use the name Kutcher to promote itself. Jones explained the Vivid get video from a mysterious third party. In fact, through his attorney, Jones sent a letter to Vivid to drop plans to release a sex video.

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