Rolling Stone's 50 Best Indonesian Singers

Rolling Stone's 50 Best Indonesian Singers
Rolling Stone Indonesia magazine lists 50 best singers of Indonesia. From the 50 best singers, "the legend" Benjamin Sueb selected as the best.

Benjamin Sueb regarded as a singer who has talent, and very Indonesian. Benjamin S also considered to have provided inspiration to the younger generation. In fact, many of the singers who also idolized this legendary musician.

To determine the 50 best singers in Indonesia, Rolling Stone gives an assessment of the Indonesian singer who has inspired the next generations. They have a team of Voters, and there are also teams of categorization. There are few Indonesian celebrity who are involved as team Voters, like Audy, Anji Drive, and David Naif. The team then makes a list of the most influential singers in Indonesia.

Well, here is a complete list of the Rolling Stone's best Indonesian singers .

Rolling Stone's 50 Best Indonesian Singers
  1. Benyamin S
  2. Iwan Fals
  3. Chrisye
  4. Titiek Puspa
  5. Yon & Yok Koeswoyo
  6. Vina Panduwinata
  7. Ahmad Albar
  8. Rhoma Irama
  9. Bing Slamet
  10. Bimbo
  11. Ebiet G Ade
  12. Broery Pesolima
  13. Fariz RM
  14. Elvi Sukaesih
  15. Nicky Astria
  16. Hetty Koes Endang
  17. Bob Tutupoly
  18. Gombloh
  19. Gito Rollies
  20. Kaka Slank
  21. Harvey Malaiholo
  22. Ruth Sahanaya
  23. Franky & Jane
  24. Farid Hardja
  25. Utha Likumahuwa
  26. Dian Pramana Putra
  27. Deddy Stanzah
  28. Ellya Khadam
  29. Ernie Djohan
  30. Trie Utami
  31. Krisdayanti
  32. Ari Lasso
  33. Armand Maulana
  34. Andy Rif
  35. Ipank BIP
  36. Glenn Fredly
  37. David Naif
  38. Oppie Andaresta
  39. Hari Mukti
  40. Once
  41. Roy Jeconiah
  42. Reza Artamevia
  43. Ariel Peterpan
  44. Fadly Padi
  45. Berlian Hutauruk
  46. Margie Siegers
  47. Oslan Husein
  48. Trison Roxx
  49. Katon Bagaskara
  50. Melly Goeslaw

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