'The Fame Monster' Best Selling Album in 2010

'The Fame Monster' Best Selling Album in 2010
Lady Gaga once again set a record in the music industry. Her Album, The Fame Monster, became the best-selling album in 2010. This album scooped up almost 6 million copies.

The Fame Monster is an album that was re-released, debut album from Lady Gaga, titled The Fame. The album that was launched in 2009 it scooped up selling 5.8 million copies.

Hearing the news, Gaga, 24, wrote in his Twitter account: "THE MONSTER FAME was crowned as the biggest-selling album 2010! I am very happy to face the future, confident + hard work, you will reach your dreams."

Meanwhile, the album released by Eminem titled Recovery is ranked second followed by Justin Bieber My World.

Gaga also revealed plans to announce his new album entitled 'Born This Way' on 31 December before the new year.

The Fame Monster Track listing

1. "Bad Romance"
2. "Alejandro"
3. "Monster"
4. "Speechless"
5. "Dance in the Dark"
6. "Telephone" (featuring Beyoncé)
7. "So Happy I Could Die"
8. "Teeth"

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