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# Name: Kim Jae-Wook
# Hangul: 김재욱
# Birthdate: April 2, 1983
# Birthplace: South Korea
# Universities: Seoul Institute of the Arts
# Height: 183cm.

Profile Kim Jae Wook
Kim Jae-Wook was born on April 2, 1983 in South Korea. When Kim-Jae Wook was an infant his family moved to Japan. His father worked as a journalist and was transferred to Japan as a foreign correspondent. Kim Jae-Wook moved back to Korea by the time he was 8-years-old.

In his sophmore year of high school, Kim Jae-Wook started modeling for fashion magazines like "YuHaeng Tongshin" and appearing in fashion shows. His passion was still centered on his music career. At the Seoul Institute of the Arts, Kim Jae-Wook majored in music and formed a 3 piece rock band named "Walrus". Kim Jae-Wook still performs with the band to this day.

Kim Jae-Wook made his acting debut in the MBC drama "Ruler of Your Own World," performing as a member of an indie rock band. Kim Jae-Wook found acting to be too difficult and decided to give up that career. 5 years later, Kim Jae-Wook had a change of heart and performed in the 2007 KBS2 drama "Dalja's Spring" as a friend of lead character Kang Tae-Bong.

Kim Jae-Wook made his return to acting in 2010 with the SBS drama "Bad Guy".

* Antique (2008)
* Monopoly (2006)

TV Drama
* Marry Me, Mary! | Maerineun Uibakjoong (KBS2 / 2010) - Jung-In
* Bad Guy | Nabbeun Namja (SBS / 2010)
* The Land of the Wind | Baramui Nara (KBS2 / 2008-2009) - Chu Bal-Su
* Coffee Prince | Kapi Peurinseu 1hojeom (MBC / 2007) - No Seon-Ki
* Dalja's Spring | Daljaui Bom (KBS2 / 2007)
* Ruler of Your Own World | Ne meotdaero haera (MBC / 2002)

Foto Kim Jae Wook - Hot Photo 
Foto Kim Jae Wook - Hot Photo
Foto Kim Jae Wook - Hot Photo
Foto Kim Jae Wook - Hot Photo
Foto Kim Jae Wook - Hot Photo
Foto Kim Jae Wook - Hot Photo

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