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After SMASH comes with carrying the new music style, and then become a new phenomenon in Indonesia, Indonesia's music industry will be more crowded with the emergence of the new Indonesian girlband, 7 ICONS. Indonesian Girlband which consist of seven sexy girls Angela Tee, Grace Wohangara, Linzy, Mezty, Natly, PJ, and Vanilla inspired by Korean girlband. 7 ICONS became popular after releasing a song titled Playboy. Reportedly, this girlband will be a new competitor for SMASH.

If you are curious about the cute seven icons girlband, which consists of seven beautiful girl, you can watch their new film "GO GO GIRLS" on Trans TV, every Monday at 20.00. Wait for my next review about 7icons profiles, every 7 ICONS personnel biography.

Update :
Well here are some 7 Icons hot photos and Biodata 7 Icons a.k.a profile of all 7icons's members that I got from various sources on the internet. Hope you like it.

7 ICONS Profile And Personal Life
- Biodata Angela Tee 7 Icons
- Biodata Linzy 7 Icons
- Biodata Vanilla 7 Icons
- Biodata Natly 7 Icons
- Biodata Mezty 7 Icons
- Biodata Grace Wohangara 7 Icons
- Biodata PJ 7 Icons

Foto Angela Tee 7 ICONS
foto 7 icons

Foto Grace Wohangara 7 ICONS
foto 7 icons

Foto Linzy 7 ICONS
foto 7 icons

Foto Mezty 7 ICONS
foto 7 icons

Foto Natly 7 ICONS
7 icons

7 icons

Foto Vanilla 7 ICONS
7 icons

Foto 7 ICONS - Hot Photo
7 icon

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