Foto Syur Nadila Ernesta - Hot Photo

Foto Syur Nadila Ernesta - Hot Photo.
As reported by some media, sexy photos of Nadila Ernesta has spread on the internet on Monday, 23/5/11. Surprisingly, these hot photos reap a problem because the police feel harassed by these Nadila Ernesta hot photos. Why?

In these sexy photos, Nadila Ernesta wearing a black swimsuit. However, in one of the "Foto Syur Nadila Ernesta" collection, Nadila seen wearing police caps. That's what makes the police feel harassed by Nadila's hot photos.

Nadila Ernesta is one talented models in Indonesia. In 2011, she managed to win the Asia Model Festival 2011. In the world of entertainment, she was first known for her roles in soap operas Inikah Rasanya (2004). This beautiful girl has also been involved in the soap opera Manusia Bersisik, Allah Maha Besar, Rahasia Ilahi, and Takdir Ilahi. Nadila also tested the big screen by starring in Miracle (2007) and Hantu Jembatan Ancol (2008).

Foto Syur Nadila Ernesta - Hot Photo

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