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Band Name : NSG Star
Genre : Pop, RnB, Electro, Hip Hop and House
Members : Surya Lee, Gege, Rian, and Anggara
Hometown : Jakarta, Indonesia
Record Label : Good Sign Media / NSG Music Indonesia
General Manager : Lintang Pramudya Wardani
Booking Agent :
Press Contact :
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Profile NSG Star
Some time ago, SMASH presents a new feel in the music industry of Indonesia, not long after that they were followed by the Girl Band 7 Icons, and also the Super 9 Boyz. Now, four young men who joined the NSG Star boys band was also present to follow in the footsteps of their predecessors. "NSG STAR" is an up and coming Indonesian boyband masterminded by NSG. Their music is fierce and electrifying and soon will make an impact on the Indonesian pop culture.

NSG Star was formed through the audition process that was followed by a hundred participants from various backgrounds. NSG Star consists of four handsome men, Anggara Purnama Hadiansyah (Anggara), Gregory Garo Helan (Gege), Novriansyah (Rian), and Atma Surya (Surya Lee). Currently they have set up six singles where one of them sung featuring Saykoji. Two ultimate song of NSG Star, "Di Sampingku" and "Mencintaimu", had made ​​a video clip.

foto NSG Star
Profile Anggara NSG Star
Real Name : Anggara Purnama Hadiansyah
Popular Name : Anggara
Birth Date : December 5, 1988
Birth Place : Garut, Indonesia
Motto : “Life must go on, bagaimanapun keadaannya”
Hobby : traveling

foto NSG Star
Profile Gege NSG Star
Real Name : Gregory Garo Helan
Popular Name : Gege
Birth Date : June 25, 1986
Birth Place : Larantuka, Flores Timur
Motto : “Ikuti arus yang mengalir dan percaya kepada Tuhan Yang Maha Kuasa.”
Hobby : Dance
Education : IKJS

foto NSG Star
Profile Rian NSG Star
Real Name : Novriansyah
Popular Name : Rian
Birth Date : November 14, 1991
Birth Place : Jakarta, Indonesia
Motto : “Jangan pernah berkaca di kaca yang sudah retak.”

NSG Star
Profile Surya Lee NSG Star
Real Name : Atma Surya
Popular Name : Surya Lee
Birth Date : August 27 , 1985
Birth Place : Medan, Indonesia
Motto : “Life doesn’t always go on our way, but we should be strong to overcome it.”
Hobby : Sport
Awards : Let’s Dance Competition at Global TV 2004
Education : Universitas Sanata Dharma Jogjakarta

NSG Star Singles Lists
1. Mencintaimu
2. Disampingku
3. Hold Me Closer
4. Get Up
5. The Equation
6. Untuk Selamanya feat: Saykoji

NSG Star
Foto NSG Star - Foto Personil NSG Star - Hot Photo
NSG Star
Foto NSG Star - Foto Personil NSG Star - Hot Photo
foto NSG Star
Foto NSG Star - Foto Personil NSG Star - Hot Photo

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