New Photo : Lady Gaga Bald Head Style

New Photo : Lady Gaga Bald Head Style.
Lady Gaga rocked the crowd when she came up with a new look while performing in the Paul O'Grady Show. Although she had often done the same thing, but this time the appearance of Lady Gaga is fairly shocking. By singing a few songs, Lady Gaga performed with the shaved head. She shaved off her hair.

In the tv show, Lady Gaga performed with shaved head and dark glasses, while her wig seen perched at the piano. This is the uniqueness of Lady Gaga, which always displays something strange and sparked controversy.

Lady Gaga's bald head reminds us of another pop singer Britney Spears who had do the same. Although at that time Britney has never appeared on stage with her bald head. Another Hollywood Celebrity who first appeared bald is Sinead O'Connor.

Lady Gaga New "Head"

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