Foto Bripda Saeful Bachrie (Saeful Bahri)

Foto Bripda Saeful Bachrie : Saeful Bahri Photo Gallery
Saeful Bachrie is predicted as a replacement for Norman Kamaru. Who is he?

Saeful Bachrie or usually called Saeful Bahri, is a member of Dalmas Polrestabes Bandung who recently made ​​headlines in various media. Bachrie Saeful popularity started when someone took his picture while he was on duty as a policeman. The photos were then uploaded to twitter and unexpected image is actually a trending topic on twitter. From there Saeful name became known throughout Indonesia and earned the nickname as a handsome policeman.

Here are some pictures of Saeful Bachrie collected from various sources on the internet. So what is your opinion about this handsome police phenomena? Do you think he will rival Norman Kamaru and plunge into the world of entertainment?

Foto Bripda Saeful Bachrie aka Saeful Bahri Photos
Foto Bripda Saeful Bachrie

Foto Bripda Saeful Bachrie

Foto Bripda Saeful Bahri

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