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This time we'll talk about Jessica Anastasya profile, the young actress of Indonesia. Sweet girl who has a full name Jessica Anastasya Mutiarani was born in Jakarta on December 20, 1996. Jessica Anastasya also commonly called Jessica or Jejes. She became known in Indonesia as starred in several soap operas such as Cinta Bersemi di Putih Abu Abu The Series on SCTV and Eneng dan Kaos Kaki Ajaib on RCTI. She also starred in a television movie (FTV) and television commercials.

Jessica Anastasya is the first daughter of the couple Minardo and Evy Lindawati. She has a younger brother named Prabana. In mid 2012, Jessica is back with a new soap opera titled Super ABG.

Here is the complete personal data of Jessica Anastasya.

Profile Jessica Anastasya
Full Name: Jessica Anastasya Mutiarani
Nickname: Jessica or Jejes
Date of Birth: December 20, 1996
Place of Birth: Jakarta, Indonesia
Occupation: Actress
Parents: Minardo and Evy Lindawati
Twitter account: @ jejessicaam

Soap Operas
  • Super ABG
  • Eneng dan Kaos Kaki Ajaib
  • SurgaMu
  • Namaku Mentari
  • Sayangi Aisyah
  • Maha Kasih
  • Cinta Terbagi Lima
  • Heart The Series
  • Cinta Bersemi di Putih Abu-Abu The Series

  • Cinta Bersemi di Putih Abu-Abu
  • Cinta Bersemi di Putih Abu-Abu Part 2
  • Cinta Bersemi di Putih Abu-Abu Part 3

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