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Olivia Maesandy Hot Photos - In recent days we hear a lot about Olivia, the girl who became victims of persecution involving Nikita Mirzani. For days I tried to find information about the girl who is often called Lola, but no one knows who Olivia Maesandy.

There is little information about this beautiful girl. Her full name is Olivia Maesandy, aka Olivia Sandie. She was a model. Clearer information can be found on her twitter account @OliviaSandie. If you have any other official information please provide your comments here.

Here are some Olivia Maesandy hot photos that I managed to get from various sources on the internet.

Olivia Maesandy or Olivia Sandie

Olivia Maesandy or Olivia Sandie

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Icahbanjarmasin said...

Cantik banget...ckckck

Noey Lab said...

Kunjungan perdana salam kenal ya sob,bagus fhotonya ya.

Norman said...

Kapan ya punya pacar kaya gitu..hhddecchh..hii

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