Video Kiki Farel The Hot Series

Video Kiki Farel The Series Hot making scene in cyberspace. The 3-minute video that has been widely circulated on the internet showed the two men were having se* in a room, where one of them is very similar to Kiki Farrel.

Kiki Farel
Responding to the rumors, the management of Kiki Farel immediately denied if the hot video is owned by Kiki Farrel. Jamal, his manager, explained that the man in the video is very different from Kiki Farel.

Meanwhile, the ex girlfriend of Kiki, Natha Narita claimed to have watched the Kiki Farel hot video. Sexy women admitted in shock, but she assured that the man in the video is not Kiki Farel.

So far Kiki Farel not the first celebrity to be struggling with the problem of hot video. A number of celebrities Indonesia also have experienced the same thing, like Ariel "Noah Band" with Luna Maya and Cut Tary, or Nikita Mirzani and Novi Amilia with her ​​hot pictures.

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