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Profile S4 Galaxy Superstar - S4 is a new boyband formed from Galaxy Superstar auditions in Indosiar some time ago. The contestants who pass the audition Arthur, Alif, Jeje, and Firly then get training for 6 months with Rainbow Bridge in South Korea. The four young men are trained directly by Korean musicians.

Finally S4 Galaxy Superstar has returned to Indonesia and make a big move by holding a "Jakarta First Concert" on October 30, 2012 at Studio 5 Indosiar, collaborated with 4Minute. The concert is also enlivened by SMASH, Blink, and XO-IX.
S4 boyband
Arthur, Alif, Jeje, and Firly

Currently (until this article was made) S4 already has four single song that worked directly by the famous producer Kim Do Hoon. One of their songs is "She is My Girl" which is collaborating with Hyuna "4Minute". The second song titled "Driving Me Crazy".

Profile S4 Galaxy Superstar

Profile Arthur S4
Full name: Arthur Stefano Anapaku (Sentimental)
Nickname: Arthur
Place / Date of birth: Waingapu - Kupang, NTT, 19 September 1991
Position: Visual, rapper, vocalist
Height: 183 cm
Weight: 65kg
Twitter: @Arthur_Stefano

Profile Alif S4
Full name: Alif Rizky Prihantoro (SMART)
Nickname: Alif
Place / Date of birth: Tegal, Central Java, 24 November 1993
Position: Maknae, dance machine
Height: 175cm
Weight : 62kg
Twitter: @alifrizq

Profile Jeje S4
Full name: Haris Jefri Gurusinga (SWEET)
Nickname: JEJE
Place / Date of birth: Namorambe, March 30, 1989
Position: Lead vocal,
Height: 178cm
Weight: 67kg
Twitter: @jefrigurusinga

Profile Debbi S4
Full name: Debbi Firliana (SEXY)
Nickname: Debbi
Place / Date of birth: Lhokseumawe, December 15, 1987
Position: Leader, rapper, vocalist, dancer
Height: 184cm
Weight : 72kg
Twitter: @firlyfirlana

I believe the S4 Galaxy Superstar Profile above is still not complete, so please give your comments to complete. Thank you.

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