Sinopsis Film Drama Korea : Brilliant Legacy

Main Cast - "Brilliant Legacy"

Han Hyo Joo as Go Eun Sung
Lee Seung Ki as Sun Woo Hwan
Bae Soo Bin as Park Jun Se
Moon Chae Won as Yoo Sung Mi

Synopsis - Brilliant Legacy

Korean drama which also has the title "Brilliant Legacy" is very similar to the cinderella story, a story of life "Seong Eun" who live in a very affluent family, but suddenly changed when his father died, he had lost all, including the dismissal by her stepmother. Korean Drama "Brilliant Legacy" also tells a love story between "Seung Eun" - Jun Se - Seong Mi, and Hwan.

Many things that make this Korean drama worthy of a favorite movie. Relationships between 'Seung Eun "and" Hwan "which initially hate each other until it becomes fall in love, and the nature and attitude of" Hwan "which was initially very frustrating because he never smiled, stubborn and never can respect others, but then transformed into a nice guy, a very warm (and eventually we'll know why Hwan has a bad habit), and many romantic scenes and other fun stories. Anyway Korean drama "Brilliant Legacy" is really cool. In fact, the news mentions that this Korean film ratings even beat the ratings achieved by the Korean film "Boys Before Flowers" and make this Korean drama that originally planned 26 episodes to 28 episodes.

Bagi pecinta Film Korea dan Artis Korea di Indonesia, mulai tanggal 15 Januari 2010, setiap senin-jumat pukul 15.30, pastikan Anda menyaksikan Brilliant Legacy, salah satu drama Korea terbaik yang dibintangi oleh Artis-Artis Korea terbaik Han Hyo-joo dan Lee Seung-gi di Indosiar.

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