Finally, Sheila Marcia Becoming A Mother

Sheila Marcia Melahirkan Anak Perempuan.
Indonesian actress, Sheila Marcia finally gave birth to a baby girl at Harapan Bunda Hospital, Pasar Rebo, East Jakarta. Sheila Marcia's daughter was born at 3:15 hours. The news was disclosed by Josh Pieter or formerly known as Jupiter.

Josh told this to reporters and infotainment are waiting outside Sheila's room. At around 15:40 pm, Josh opened the door and with a beaming face, he delivered the happy news.

Until now, not yet known how much weight and length of the Sheila Marcia baby girl. Jupiter was not told that information to the media.
Not only Jupiter, there are several people who accompanied Sheila Marcia, such as Sheila's mother, Maria Joseph, Sheila's aunt and Ezar Delano. Delano is a basketball player who almost married Sheila Marcia, the actress who starred in the 'Kereta Hantu Manggarai' movie.

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