Tiger Woods & Devon James Sex Tape, Fake!

Some time ago a new gossip about the sex life of Tiger Woods reveals again. An American porn star, Devon James, confessed that she had a Tiger Woods sex tape. The sex tape was recording himself while making love with Tiger Woods. Devon James even planned to sell the video to adult entertainment company, Vivid Entertainment Company. The Fake Tiger's Sex Tape was created in 2008. She estimates that the video could be sold for $ 350 thousand or approximately Rp 3, 1 billion.

But after that the media began to preach that the Tiger Woods & Devon James Sex Tape was apparently fake. Men who have sex with Devon in the video was not Tiger Woods, but Teneal Goyco. He admitted that he was paid by Devon James to act like Tiger Woods.

Tiger Woods & Devon James Sex Tape
Teneal Goyco explain, along the video capture, Devon James called him as 'Tiger'. Teneal admitted that he did not realize it was all Devon's lies, she designed the fake sex tape to rake in money. Until finally he saw the sex video ads, which claimed to be Tiger Woods sex tape.

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