Hot! Syahrini Intimate Photo With Foreign Man

Hot! Syahrini Intimate Photo With Foreign Man - Foto Syahrini Dan Pria Bule
The intimate photos of Syahrini with a man has spread across the Internet. But this time the hot photo is not with Anang Hermansyah, her former duet, but the photos of Syahrini with a foreign man. The news that blow saying that the intimate photo was circulated via Blacberry Messenger. In the photo, Syahrini that uses sexy clothes with full makeup was seen hugging a foreign man who later identified named Anton.

Syahrini also appear to be very close to the man wearing the brown shirt. Even with lovingly, her hands curled gently in his neck. While the man was also put his hand on the Syahrini's waist.

Hot! Syahrini Intimate Photo With Foreign Man - Foto Syahrini Dan Pria Bule

Responding to rumors circulating, Syahrini's manager did not argue about the truth of the Syahrini and Anton intimate photos.

"Yes, the pictures were taken backstage during Syahrini appear to sing," said Rani, Syahrini manager.

According to Rani, Syahrini's hot photo was taken when Syahrini perform at a cafe in Bali some time ago. She also requested that the media should not be too encouraging the photos.

On that occasion, Rani also explained that foreign men in the photo was not a Syahrini's lover, but the boyfriend of a Syahrini's friend.

"He was a boyfriend of Syahrini's friend. His name is Anton," she said.

Some time ago, Syahrini make a scene when intimate photos of Syahrini and Kaka "Slank" circulating on the Internet and got a negative response from her fans.

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