Download Britney Hold It Againts Me - New MP3 Song

Download Britney Hold It Againts Me - New MP3 Song
Britney Spears's singing career might have drowned when she suffered acute depression some time ago. But, through a new song titled 'Hold It Against Me', Britney Spears proves that she is still worthy to bear the title as the pop princess.

Grammy winner's new single is even directly on top of Billboard's Hot 100 Singles, in just a week after 'Hold It Against Me' released exclusively on iTunes. Britney Spears has not even bothered to promote it. Remarkable achievement as this can only be achieved by a few people like the legendary Michael Jackson, or Madonna.

Hold It Against Me also dominate a number of other charts in 19 countries, as well as breaking the first week record which previously held by country singer Taylor Swift.

You have not heard or have Hold It Against Me MP3? Please download Hold It Against Me here.

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