Foto G-String Olla Ramlan - Hot Photo

Foto G-String Olla Ramlan - Hot Photo.
Indonesian actress, Olla Ramlan probably get bad luck when she became host at a the 3rd birthday celebration of Dahsyat on Wednesday (6/4). The celebration, which was broadcast live from Studio RCTI, Kebun Jeruk, West Jakarta, actually seemed unremarkable until eventually became excited when Olga Syahputra push Olla Ramlan into the pool.

Interesting scenery emerged when Olla Ramlan standing in the pool, she looked wet and Olla Ramlan's Black G-String very clearly visible. When the incident occurred, Olla was wearing thin clothing. With the wet conditions, of course Olla's clothing becomes very transparent. As a result, the entire audience was definitely can see the Olla Ramlan's G-String.

In her twitter account, Olla also admitted that what happened to her was accidental.

'@olla_ramlan: Aduhhhh maaf ya semuaaa.. Jadi basah gara-gara didorong Olga'

The incident led to various comments from some close friends who also became her follower.

'..Iyaaa.. Maafin yaa, ketidaksengajaan ini semua.. RT @Lukman_Nasution: maaf teh @olla_ramlan sblum nya tadi tu tembus loh pakaiannya :( ke shot lagi tu dari blakang.'

Foto G-String Olla Ramlan - Hot Photo

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