Foto Syur Sheila Marcia - Hot Photo

Foto Nakal Sheila Marcia - Hot Photo
By the wedding day of Sheila Marcia with Canonball's drummer, Kiki Mirano on April 29, 2011 in Bali, some hot photos of women who look similar to Sheila Marcia circulating on the Internet. Some sources say that currently there are some Sheila Marcia naughty photos with hot poses that had circulated in an online forum. Is it true that women in the photo is Sheila Marcia, or just similar?

Responding to these "foto syur", through her lawyer, Ferry Juan , Sheila Marcia justify the naughty photos is true. But, she asks people not to exaggerate the Sheila Marcia hot photos.

“Udahlah itu masa lalu, nggak usah diungkit-ungkit lagi, kita tak perlu mencari kekurangan di masa lalunya,” said Ferry Juan .

In one of Sheila Marcia naughty photos, Sheila posing with a man who was holding her hips from behind. Meanwhile, in another photo, the mother of one child was seen posing with her two girlfriends.

Sheila Marcia Hot Photos - Foto Syur Sheila Marcia
Foto Syur Sheila Marcia - Hot Photo

Foto Panas Sheila Marcia - Hot Photo

Foto Syur Sheila Marcia - Hot Photo

Foto Sheila Marcia - Hot Photo

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