Download Album Noah Band Seperti Seharusnya 2012 Full Album

Noah Band has just released their debut album in 2012 titled "Seperti Seharusnya". The launch of the new album scored a new world record. Noah managed to realize their dream of perform concerts in 5 countries, 2 continents in 1 day (24 hours). The new album marks the return of Ariel and friends in the Indonesian music scene with a new name NOAH BAND. Not surprisingly if this time all fans looking for the information on how to download Album Noah Band Seperti Seharusnya full album 2012.

Back to the album "Seperti Seharusnya" by Noah Band. This album contains 10 new songs. If you want to have Noah Band Full Album CD you can visit KFC outlets in nearby towns.

Album : Seperti Seharusnya
Band : NOAH
Year : 2012
Label : Musica Studio

01. Raja Negeriku
02. Jika Engkau
03. Separuh Aku
04. Hidup Untukmu, Mati Tanpamu
05. Ini Cinta
06. Terbangun Sendiri
07. Sendiri Lagi
08. Demi Kita
09. Tak Lagi Sama
10. Puisi Adinda

Here we provide information on how to download Album Noah Band "Seperti Seharusnya" full album. This information is not to hijack or violate the copyright of this album, we just wanted to introduce Noah Band new songs. Please download the full album of "Seperti Seharusnya" Noah Band now before I delete it. Torokossik will not responsible for the consequences. Please understand.

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