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NOAH BAND is the new name of a phenomenal band from Indonesia, Peterpan, manned by Ariel (vocals, guitar), Uki (guitar), Reza (drums), Lukman (guitar), and David (keyboards, piano). NOAH Band was officially introduced on August 2, 2012 at Musica Studio's Office, Jakarta. At that moment, Noah announced their new single titled "Separuh Aku". The song was created by David.

The return of Ariel with NOAH Band after a prison sentence related to hot video with Luna Maya (Read Video Luna Maya Dan Ariel Peterpan) and Cut Tary (Read Video Ariel Peterpan Cut Tary), received overwhelming response from the fans. NOAH even broke the world record by holding concerts in five countries and two continents in 24 hours on  September
16, 2012. The concert begins at Melbourne, followed Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, and in the end in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Origin: Bandung, Indonesia
Genre: Alternative Rock, Pop, Rock
Established: August 2, 2012
Personnel: Ariel, Uki, ​​Lukman, David, Reza
Album: Seperti Seharusnya (2012)
Label: Musica Studio's
Official site:
Twitter: @ NOAH_ID

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