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Chantal Della Concetta was born in Bandung, July 27, 1980, and became famous as being a News Anchor in several tv stations like Metro TV, RCTI and SINDOtv. Chantal is the daughter of the couple Gunawan Budi Suwandi and Shirley Gandasasmita. She has two sisters, Amanda Crescentia and Marischka Prudence.

Chantal Della Concetta completing her studies at the University of Parahyangan, Bandung. In 2011 Chantal created a sensation when FHM Magazine published her sexy photos (Read Foto Chantal Della Concetta). Today, Chantal hosted on one adult show, SEXOPONE, and starred AXE perfume ad.

Chantal Della Concetta Profile
Place of birth: Bandung, Indonesia
Date of Birth: July 27, 1980
Parents: Gunawan Budi Suwandi and Shirley Gandasasmita
Children: Nathaniel Trevor Lazuardi dan Mazel Peach Lazuardi
Occupation: Journalist, Host, Model
Education: University of Parahyangan

foto Chantal Della Concetta

foto Chantal Della Concetta 2

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