Hollywood's Top 10 Dressed Celebs 2010 - People Magazine

Hollywood's Top 10 Dressed Celebs in 2010 by People Magazine
Being a top Hollywood celebrities are not as easy as imagined by peoples. The camera highlights always followed their steps wherever they go. Their daily behaviors, appearance, hair style, fashion sense, until the dress worn every day, always concern by public and receiving comments. The public will be very happy to see what their favorite celebs activity every day, whether she/he looks pretty, handsome, hot, or messy. Are they wear a best dress or worst dress in a certain event. All received the attention of the public.

Just take a look at the action of Lady Gaga that always make a sensation with her unique dresses, so that makes her become more popular despite she often also received scathing criticism. As in my previous article about the Foto Aneh Artis Hollywood.

Well, this time I will write to the contrary, the list of Hollywood's best-dressed celebrity in 2010 by People magazine. As expected earlier, Lady Gaga is not included in Top 10 Dressed celebs in 2010. But curiously, the famous Hollywood celebrities who really concerned about fashion like Paris Hilton, Megan Fox, Christina Aguilera, or Kim Kardashian is not included in this list.

Hollywood's Top 10 Dressed Celebs in 2010 by People Magazine.

1. Zoe Saldana - The Red Carpet Queen
2. Gwen Stefani - The Hip Mom
3. Rihanna - The Daring Diva
4. Diane Kruger - The Runway Renegade
5. Lea Michele - The Newbie
6. Olivia Palermo - The Uptown Girl
7. Jessica Alba - The Mix Master
8. Jennifer Aniston - The American Classic
9. Rachel Bilson - The Denim Darling
10. Kate Middleton - The Princess in Waiting

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