Foto Terbaru Dewi Persik | Topless Photo

Foto Terbaru Dewi Persik | Topless Photo
Dewi Persik topless photo make a scene in cyberspace today. I read the news about the circulation of latest photo of Dewi Persik in This news site mentions that the topless photo is showing Dewi Persik are not wearing clothes. Fortunately, the chest is still covered by her long hair. In a relatively short time, the news is already widespread in several forums and blogs.

When the nude photos was confirmed to Dewi Persik, the beautiful Indonesian actress who had a fight with Julia Perez, admitted frankly that the photo was indeed her private picture. According to the artist who was familiarly called Depe, the photo was deliberately made to a private collection. Depe himself surprised because suddenly the sexy photo was circulated in cyberspace.

Dewi Persik admitted that she did not bother with the picture that is now circulating widely. Former wife of Saiful Jamil, and Aldi Taher is also not thought about the legal steps for the propagator of topless photos.

Previously, Dewi Persik also make a scene when the video Indra Brugman and Dewi Persik kissing, and her hot scene photos in the movie Paku Kuntilanak, are circulating on internet.

Foto Terbaru Dewi Persik | Topless Photo 
Foto Terbaru Dewi Persik | Topless Photo

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