Separuh Aku - Peterpan New Album 2011

Separuh Aku - Peterpan New Song From New Album in 2011
The case of video Luna Maya and Ariel Peterpan, which until now still not finished, make Peterpan must postpone the launch of the new album and their new name. Though the plan had been planned long before Ariel caught with a porn video case.

According to Budi Soeratman, manager of Peterpan, the new album from the band consisting of four personnel were not given a title. However, he did not mind divulging one song that is expected to be a hits single in the new album.

Budi explains that the Peterpan's hits single on its latest album is titled "Separuh Aku" On the album contains nine tracks, Peterpan is still struggling with the songs with love and compassion themes.
Separuh Aku - Peterpan New Album 2011

If you are curious about the newest songs of Peterpan, or the Peterpan latest album, perhaps for this time we must be patient. This album might be released after the video Ariel Peterpan - Cut Tari case have got a decision from the court.

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