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Band Name : D'Mantans
Members :
- Okie Agustina
- Bunga
- Five Vi
- Christie Chasslam
- Ratna Damayanti

Profile D'Mantans
D'mantans is a new girl band consisting of five beautiful women who have the same fate as an ex-girlfriend or ex-wife of the Indonesian musicians. The personnel of the D'Mantans include Okie Agustina (former wife of Pasha Ungu), Bunga (former wife of Andika Kangen Band), Five Vi (former wife of Henry Yosodiningrat), Christie Chasslam (former girlfriend of Krishna Mukti) and Ratna Damayanti (former wife of Rizki The Titans).

Reportedly, D'Mantans was ready to release a new single entitled "tak mau dimadu". Do you think they can compete with 7 Icons or NSG Star? Let's see whether D'Mantans will succeed in Indonesia's music industry or not.

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Foto Seksi D'Mantans - Hot Photos
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Foto D'Mantans - Hot Photos

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