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Band Name : Super 9 Boyz or S9B
Members : Rio, Imam, Kelvin, Steven, Tyo, Christ, Putra, Nico, Pasha
Record Label : Nagaswara
Affiliation : United Kpop Lovers Indonesia
Email :
Twitter :!/s_9_b

Profile Super 9 Boyz (S9B)
Super 9 Boyz or S9B, is one of the new boyband from Indonesia which was formed in February 2011. A group of young and talented boys that will be the next big thing in Indonesian music history, who could compete with SMASH and 7 Icons. This new boy group launch their new single in early of April under Nagaswara record label. In early of April 2011, Super 9 Boyz have their debut on music program: Dashyat, Inbox, and Derings.

These nine charming boys are Super Junior big fans! Their biggest dream is to be on the same stage with their idol, Super Junior. S9B is the only ELF boyband from Indonesia. Hopefully all ELFs in Indonesia and in the world will support Super 9 Boyz as a representative of ELF who love Super Junior and dedicate their songs and dance to their idol in their albums. hope so! ^_^


foto Super 9 Boyz
Foto-Foto Super 9 Boyz - S9B

foto Super 9 Boyz
Foto-Foto Super 9 Boyz - S9B

Super 9 Boyz
Foto-Foto Super 9 Boyz - S9B

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fans beratq said...

aq ngefans banget sama S9B bangettttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

cici & dea said...

hai kakak s9b aq cici aq ngeefenz bangettttttttttttt sm kakak soal nya kakak tuch ganteng - ganteng pokok nya aq ngefen bangttttttttttttt ma kakaka

cici& dea
di- bandung

Anonymous said...

hy kakak s9b ganteng2 banget sih ???? aku doain semoga bisa GO INTERNATIONAL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! amin ya allah

heni riska safitri dari jakarta

Anonymous said...

S9b love U SO MUCH

Tantri Suharto said...

Hmm, keren bgtz kok. . .

Luv U S9B, cayooo. . .

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