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Profile Maddi Jane - Youtube never stop bringing blessing for some people who have great talent. Some of these people are Justin Bieber, Greyson Chance, and Psy. But there's one more figure that just caught my attention, the talented young singer named Maddi Jane. Here is a brief profile of Maddi Jane.

Maddi Jane
Maddi Jane is a talented young singer who was born on 4 September 1998 at Chicago, USA. She had started singing since he was a child and became popular after uploading a video cover of some famous songs on YouTube. She sang some popular songs from Shontele, Christina Perry, Bruno Mars, Taylor Swift, Jessie J, Adelle, Justin Bieber, Flyleaf, OneRepublic, and The Script. Until now, her Youtube channel "Maddijanemusic" has attracted more than 250 million viewers and more than 700 thousand subscribers.

On May 12, 2010 Maddi Jane appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Then on June 3, 2011 This cute girl ranks fourth in the list of Billboard artist. In this year Maddi Jane has released a new single titled "Barricade" and you can get it via iTunes.

Profile Maddi Jane
Full Name: Madeleine Jane
Date of Birth: 4 September 1998
Place of Birth: Chicago, United States
Parents: Krista and Peter
Fav Food: Pasta
Fav Drink: Izzie
Fav Movie: Pride & Prejudice

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