Profile Chef Marinka / Rinrin Marinka

Chef Marinka aka Rinrin Marinka is a popular figure for fans of Master Chef Indonesia on RCTI. Beautiful woman born in Jakarta, March 22, 1980 is the judge of Master Chef Indonesia, together with Chef Degan (replacing Chef Vindex) and Chef Juna. Want to know more about the profile of chef Marinka?

Chef Marinka
Chef Marinka was born with the real name Maria Irene Susanto, better known as Rinrin Marinka. A graduate of Le Cordon Bleu, Sydney, Australia with expertise in French Cuisine & Patisserie is a celebrity chef in Indonesia. Besides being known as the chef's beautiful, she also frequently appeared as a presenter, tv ads, and teachers.

Not only that, she also taught at Pantry Magic Cooking School, Kemang. In March 2011 Chef Marinka released a book titled "Fantastic Cooking", a book which contains 30 recipes of dishes from her own experiments.

Currently Chef Marinka more appearances on the channel RCTI as a judge of Master Chef Indonesia. Charming personality and always look fashionable make her become one favorite chef for tv viewers in Indonesia, beside Farah Quinn of course.

Profile Chef Marinka
Name: Maria Irene Susanto
Other names: Rinrin Marinka
Date of Birth: March 22, 1980
Place of Birth: Jakarta, Indonesia
Occupation: Chef
Official website:

1998-1999 : Completed Art & Design KVB Institute College Certificate IV Sydney, Australia
1999-2002 : Attending Visual Comunication, Majoring Fashion Design KVB Institute College Sidney, Australia
2002-2004 : Completed Grand Diploma of French Cuisine & Pattiseire Le Cordon Bleu Sidney, Australia

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