2010 Worst Dressed Men And Woman in Showbiz

Russell Brand and Lady Gaga was named the Worst Dressed Men and Worst Dressed Woman in Showbiz. This predicate is obtained from a new online polling of online media WENN.com.

Russell Brand beat Justin Bieber in this ranking. With his trademark style that often showcased his chest, Brand got 31% of all votes, while Justin Bieber get 26% 'mockery' because of a baseball cap that is often used.

After them, there are Simon Cowell with 21% of votes, Adam Lambert with 16% and of course, Kanye West for his 'over' style.

Meanwhile, Lady Gaga shocked her fans by stepping out at the Los Angeles bash wearing an outfit made entirely from raw animal flesh - angering animal advocates and bemusing fellow performers. It makes Lady gaga won the Worst Dressed Women titled. She become the worst dressed woman with 55% of all votes, followed by Lindsay Lohan with 17% of votes, ahead of Katy Perry with 14%, Rihanna with 12%, and Gwen Stefani with 2%.

 Worst Dressed Men in Showbiz

 Worst Dressed Woman in Showbiz

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