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Name : Vani Lauw or Vanilla
Nickname : Ms.Lollipop
Birth Place : Surabaya, Indonesia
Birth Date : 7 September 1988
Height : 170 cm
Religion : Christian
Favorite Song : More Than world by westlife
Hobby : Singing , Dance , Playing biola
Favorite Actress : Agnes Monica
Favorite Colour : PINK
Favorit Food : Japanesse Food
Twitter : @VaniLa7ICONS

Vanilla 7 Icons Profile And Personal Life
Vani Lauw a.ka Vanilla who are familiarly called Vanilla 7 Icons or Ms.Lollipop was born in Surabaya, Indonesia, on 7 September 1988. Together with her ​​friends, Angela Tee, Grace Wohangara, Linzy, Mezty, Natly, and PJ, Vanilla 7 Icons kicked off the entertainment industry in Indonesia through girlband 7 Icons (Seven Icons).

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