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Group Name : HITZ or High In The Zone
Members : Irwan Chandra, Lee Jeong Hoon, and Ferdinand
Label : Nagaswara

Profile HITZ Indonesia Boysband
HITZ is a newcomer Boys Band in Indonesian music industry, so maybe you have never seen this boysband before. HITZ probably not much different from Smash, Treeji, NSG Star, Super 9 Boyz, and other Indonesia boyband, but one thing that distinguishes HITZ with other Boyband is there is one member of HITZ came from Korea, namely Lee Jeong-hoon. Their first single titled "YES 3x".

Profile Lee Jeong Hoon HITZ
Position: Vocalist, Rapper & Dancer
Height: 182 cm
Language: Korean – English
History: Professional Model & Public Figure
Twitter: @LeeJH_2107
Facebook: Lee Jeong Hoon Hitz

Profile Ferdinand HITZ
Position: Vocalist, Rapper & Dancer
Height: 184 cm
Language: English – Indonesian
History: Professional Musician & Singer, Architect
Twitter: @FerdinandHitz
Facebook: Ferdinand K. Hitz

Profile Irwan Chandra HITZ
Position: Leader, Dancer, Vocalist & Rapper
Height: 187 cm
Language: Indonesian – English – Chinese
History: Professional Actor, Public Figure and Model
Twitter: @IrwanHitz
Facebook: Irwan Chandra

Foto Lee Jeong Hoon HITZ - Hot Photo
Foto Ferdinand HITZ - Hot Photo

Foto Irwan Chandra HITZ - Hot Photo
Foto HITZ Boyband Indonesia - Hot Photo

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